Saturday, October 13, 2012

America’s Financial Collapse Part 3 – Zombies

In the first two parts of this series, we found that if you continue to print money, it loses it’s value. The last thing we want to do is flood the economy with money by turning the printing presses on. We also learned that the Federal Reserve will be selling your mortgages worldwide to make a profit. Does that get you riled up? Ready to hit the streets in massive protests? I didn't think so. That leads me to my next topic. Zombies!!!

Yes, zombies!!! I don’t mean the kind in the movies or on television. I’m referring to individuals who have been zombified through television, video games, medication, pursuit of hobbies, illegal drugs, booze, etc… Zombies don’t want to discuss politics, economic issues, world conflicts, etc... They would rather watch Dancing with the Stars or discuss what’s going on with the Kardashians. They would rather become engrossed in their hobbies or get high. They would rather plan on ways to satisfy their desires rather than plan on how to survive the approaching storm. Zombies!!!

Many zombies feed from the teats of the government. Recently, it’s been stated that one third of the country is receiving some sort of government assistance. Social security, disability, workman’s compensation, unemployment, food stamps, welfare, housing, child care, Medicare, Medicaid, etc… What’s going to happen when the economic implosion occurs? One day we will wake up to find out that a “bank holiday” has been declared. Sounds like a wonderful thing, right? Unfortunately, a bank holiday is not a good thing. A bank holiday is when the banks shut and lock their doors and freeze all accounts. You won’t be able to get money through the local ATM or be able to purchase anything with your debit card. Will the citizenry panic? Of course! The government is aware of that and has a plan in place to deal with the financial collapse. You don’t think that the collapse has come as a surprise to those in Washington, D.C. do you?

Fear can prevent most people from thinking clearly. The minute people are informed that a bank holiday has been declared, fear will strike. What will they do without their monthly check? What will they do without their food stamps? How are people going to pay their rent and mortgage? How will they be able to feed their children! Their uncashed paychecks are worthless! In the midst of this panic, when most are frozen with fear, the government will access the form of communication that zombies prefer… the television. A nationwide announcement will hit the airwaves as the president addresses the nation, promising continued financial support (the checks will keep coming) and the zombies will be relieved. He will promise food on the shelves in stores, and the zombies will be thankful. He will promise to provide medical care through the government run healthcare system, and the zombies will cry with joy. Unfortunately, the zombies are being led into a New World Order and they don’t even know it. Along with these promises come strings… many, many strings.

They government will institute a new form of currency, the SDR (Special Drawing Rights). These SDR’s will be drawn on the International Monetary Fund (IMF). That’s right… say goodbye to the dollar and hello to SDR’s, the New World Order form of cash. Those of us who are awake will know what’s happening. Those who are asleep (zombies) will gladly make the transition to the new form of currency and actually thank the government for helping them. The Zombies will clutch their new SDR cards to their chest and say a prayer of thanks to the president, their new “savior.” Of course, now that the government has control of the purse strings, the rest will be easy.

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