After The Rapture

Picture this scenario: The Rapture has taken place only seconds ago.  Remember, since it’s a global event, there will be people sleeping, working, playing, etc..., therefore the experiences people have will be varied.  What are some of the things that will happen at this moment in time?
  • People will wake up in the morning to find that their spouse and children are missing.
  • Airplanes will be crashing on take-off and landing, killing thousands worldwide.
  • Daycares and schools will fall silent for a moment when all the children disappear, but it will quickly be filled with the screams and cries of the staff that remain.
  • Transportation will be severely curtailed due to the accidents caused by the disappearances of automobile drivers, bus driver, truck drivers, pilots, train engineers, subway drivers, ship captains, etc... Their numbers will not only be reduced by the Rapture, but the Rapture also affects the number of personnel that support these services, like ticket/reservation personnel, gas station attendants, mechanics, tow truck drivers, etc…
  • Cell phone and land line service will be affected, causing hundreds of millions of people to lose communication with loves ones and make it impossible to call emergency services.
  • Internet usage will be severely affected due to downed lines, which will hamper efforts to find out what is going on in the world and to communicate with loved ones.
  • There will be massive disruptions in utility services, which will take longer to restore due to the disappearances of some utility workers.
  • Emergency services will lose staff to the Rapture, leaving them understaffed and overwhelmed.
Note: Not only will government offices, local businesses, emergency service agencies, etc… be understaffed due to the disappearances of individuals, but they will also be understaffed when grieving spouses or parents begin calling out sick due to the disappearance of a loved one or the death or injury of a loved one as a result of the Rapture.

What will that mean?
  • Many fires will rage unabated, destroying whole neighborhoods.
  • The severely injured will die as they wait for an ambulance to arrive.
  • Highways will be impassible as cars once manned by Christians veer out of control with no driver at the wheel.
  • Doctors, nurses, nurses aides, home health aides, medical supply companies… they all lose in-home staff, leaving the sick, the elderly, the handicapped and homebound individuals to fend for themselves as emergency services realize that they do not have the manpower to meet the needs of all their clients.
  • Hospital emergency services will also be affected, forcing personnel to stack the sick and injured in the hallways and in outdoor tents.
  • Looting will become rampant, unhindered by a police force which will have lost many of their law enforcement personnel.  People looting electronic appliance stores and clothing stores isn't new, but people will be shocked to see supermarkets and food banks looted as people clamber for food to hold them over during this time of uncertainty.
  • Local, state, national and world governments will be at a standstill as political leaders are raptured, hindering emergency services even further due to the urgency of protecting national security.
  • FEMA will be virtually ineffective as the scope of this “disaster” will be more than the agency can handle.
  • Prescription drug production will be hampered, making life saving drugs more difficult to come by for both hospitals and pharmacies.
These are just a few examples of what will happen when the Lord returns to Rapture His bride from the earth.  If you’re reading this AFTER the Rapture has taken place, then you know better than I do how much more severe the results are of this worldwide event.

Aside from these events, there will also be those people who call themselves “Christians” who will say that the Rapture could not have taken place because THEY are still here.  DON’T LISTEN TO THEM!!!  They are numbered among those who were not ready for the Bridegroom’s return.  They did not have a true relationship with the Author of the universe and the Creator of all things.  They have a form of godliness, but they do not confess Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

But take heart!  There will be those “Christians” who had fallen away; who once had a true relationship with Jesus Christ, but for some reason walked away from Him.  Many of them will turn their eyes toward Jesus again and rededicate their lives to Him.  They will also dedicate whatever time they have left on this earth to spread the message of salvation through Jesus Christ.  They will not bow down to the Antichrist, or take his mark, or worship him.  Seek out these people.  They are the ones who have truly repented!!!

If you don’t know if you're prepared for the Rapture and you would like to learn more, please click here and you will be taken to our Salvation Message page.

UPDATE:  If Martial Law hasn't occurred before the Rapture, then it will most certainly happen after the Rapture.  This will hamper things even further.  For a better understanding of what Martial Law could mean for you, click here.

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