Tuesday, November 22, 2022

What's To Become Of The United States During The Tribulation?

I’ve often wondered what was going to happen to the United States that would exclude it from biblical prophecy. Somehow the United States is taken out of the picture of end time events. I can only contemplate what the circumstances will be, but it will happen. I'm unaware of any scripture describing a great and powerful kingdom of the west being involved in events during the Tribulation. 

The Rapture hasn't yet happened, and already this nation is divided as the evil that was only spoken of in the dark is now being proclaimed openly. Even the church body is experiencing division. When born again believers are raptured, it's going to leave a vacuum in almost every area of society, and will cause havoc worldwide. Some countries will experience a greater loss than others, depending on the percentage of the population that are born again believers. The Rapture will cause a huge drain on human resources and services, especially here in the U.S. where we have a large Christian population. This drain on resources and services will cause a great disruption in our nation. Everything will temporarily grind to a halt at the time of the Harpazo. 

The United States has a lot of enemies because it's the one major country with whom the New World Order is having a difficult time dealing. Not only do we have a large Christian population, but we also have an even larger population that believes in personal freedom. People from other countries depend on the United States to fight tyranny and stand for personal freedom. They've expressed the fear that if the United States falls to the New World Order, then the rest of the world will have lost the most powerful beacon of freedom, and the rest of the world will fall. Because of this, we have a big target on our back. If anyone thinks that our enemies and the spiritual influences that control the New World Order won't take advantage of this nation's weakness after the Rapture, then they're deceiving themselves. Our enemies will see a moment of weakness and jump at the opportunity to end us as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, the enemies within our own country can't comprehend what their participation in the creation of a New World Order will mean to them. They think they're going to receive financial gain and positions of power, but their actions are only going to lead to their own destruction.

Our enemies from without know that they won't even need to step one foot on U.S soil to defeat us. This will NOT be a "Red Dawn" type of scenario where they'll bomb major cities and then parachute in to take control of our nation, making it a years-long, drawn out, city by city, town by town, state by state fight. No, it'll be instantaneous.

Right now, China and Russia are our biggest threats. All China or Russia needs to do is help to facilitate an attack on the U.S. China can use North Korea or any one of their other allies as a proxy to attack our nation, just as Russia can use Iran or any of their own allies to be proxies for their government. The preferable method would probably be the 1-2-3 punch. They'll probably use a combination of a (1) financial attack, (2) cyber attack, and (3) EMP attack on our nation. What the financial and cyber attacks don't take care of, the EMP attack will. 

For those of you who don't know what an EMP is, it stands for Electro Magnetic Pulse. It's a wave of electromagnetic radiation. These electrons interact with power lines, metal, conductive materials, and electronics, causing power spikes. That means anything running on electricity will be fried, including vehicles, cell phones and landlines, computers, internet devices, power plants, transformers, substations, medical equipment, refrigerators, air conditions and heaters, televisions, radios (and other broadcast equipment), solar and wind power... all electrical devices rendered inoperable in a matter of seconds. 

A few strategically placed EMP's would bring this country's entire electrical grid down. Just think of what that would do to the United States.

With an EMP attack, there's no going to the local supermarket, corner store, or pharmacy to pick up a few things, because there won't be a supermarket, corner store, or pharmacy to go to. Gas pumps won't work, so you won't be able to gas up your vehicle. You also need electricity to produce goods and you need vehicles to transport them, and you need refrigeration units to keep perishables viable. If food isn't being produced or shipped, millions of people in this country would starve to death in a matter of weeks, unless they had some type of long-term emergency food and water supplies to rely on.

With our power grid down:
  • Large scale farming wouldn't be viable, so we can forget about food. Farmers will be hording their crops, and the surrounding population will raid farmers' fields for food.
  • Hospitals wouldn't be able to help the sick, because they wouldn't be able to use the electrical medical equipment that was fried by the EMP.
  • Pharmaceutical companies won't be operating, so the basic meds someone takes on a daily basis would quickly run out, which would mean that those seeking medical attention wouldn't have access to any type of modern medication. Can you imagine the death toll as a result of just the lack of medication??? Cancer meds, seizure meds, blood pressure meds, antibiotics, vaccines, psyche meds (anxiety, depression, schizophrenia, AHDH, etc...), angina meds, pain meds, asthma meds/inhalers, AIDS meds, migraine meds, etc... 
  • There wouldn't be weekly trash pick-ups, so trash would pile up and become a bio-hazard. How long do you think it will take YOUR neighborhood to start smelling like a garbage dump and looking like one as animals tear open the bags in a desperate attempt to survive.
  • Water treatment plants would sit idle, while raw sewage overflows into our waterways, adversely affecting fresh and salt water sources. 
  • Water needs to be pumped into the water towers and treated, so we can forget about having any fresh water in our homes to drink, cook, or flush our toilet with. We'll be defecating in plastic bags or in a hole in our back yard. That will add to the amount of trash left on the streets. Imagine the odor and the spread of disease because of all this trash and fecal matter in the streets. 
  • What about the millions of people who will die on the streets or in their home from lack of medication or from starvation or dehydration? What's to become of them? Will the starving and sick actually take the time and effort to dispose of the bodies that fall to the ground, or will they be too weak or sick, leaving the bodies where they are, increasing the spreading of pestilence? 
I could go on and on, but these things, and others, will lead to starvation, sickness, pestilence, violence, and death. It kind of makes the Four Horsemen mentioned in the book of Revelation seem a little more relevant now, doesn't it?

Lawlessness would be rampant, because policing wouldn't be possible, so those who have called for the defunding of the police will finally get their wish, as this country reverts to gang law. 

The starving, the sick, and the hopeless will beg for someone to help them, and the sovereignty of this country will be the last thing on their mind as they struggle to survive. That's where the Antichrist comes into the picture. This is how he's going to be able to usher in a one world government, economic system, and religion, because people will gladly give up their freedom just to survive and return to some sense of normalcy, but they don't realize that biblical prophecy states that they'll be living in the new norm, where they'll be experiencing the judgments of God. The life they complained about before the Rapture will seem like paradise to them as they suffer through the next 7 years, if they survive that long (biblical prophecy states that 2/3 of the population will die before the end of the Tribulation, so there's only a 1 out of 3 opportunity to survive until Jesus returns.)

A severe EMP attack would quickly knock our country out of "super power" status and turn us into a third world nation, drastically reducing our population. Part of our national government structure may survive (they're supposed to have EMP proof sites situated in different areas of the nation), but they would be leaders of a severely crippled country. 

Our enemies will have won, without even setting one foot on American soil. If they can decimate our nation's infrastructure, they can cause the death of millions of people within a few short weeks, without ever having to invade the country or fire a single gun shot. China and Russia don't need to attack the U.S. by conventional methods in order to defeat us. Three or four large EMP's strategically positioned and detonated, would do the trick. They may even lob a few more at us once the grid is down, just to be sure the entire nation was in total subjection to the coming New World Order. Since there was no nuclear explosion at ground level, that would greatly reduce the risk of major worldwide contamination from fallout. 

This is how the United States will probably be sidelined for the entire seven year Tribulation. Those political leaders, the wealthy and famous, and those who were promised positions of power during the NWO will be crawling in the dust, because they'll be part of a dying nation. If the attack on this nation isn't enough, they'll suffer during the Tribulation, when they'll lose everything that they thought set them apart from everyone else. They'll be humbled in ways they can't imagine. 

Everything going on in the world right now is in preparation for end-time events. The worldwide precursor to the Mark of the Beast has already had a trial run, where a large percentage of the population of the world fell under the influence of worldwide propaganda and censored information. Those who refused to submit to the NWO's authority were de-platformed and blocked from their social media accounts. Some lost their livelihood, were separated from loved ones, were ostracized by friends, family, and society, were prevented from traveling, were imprisoned, were attacked on the street, were given substandard medical treatment or prevented from receiving alternate medical treatment, and were labeled "fringe," "extreme," and "radical," as well as suffering other negative repercussions from resisting the NWO's push to force everyone to submit. 

Biblical prophecy is advancing right before our eyes. Although the "strong delusion" won't occur until the Tribulation, many are being conditioned to fall victim to this coming prophetic event. There are many who believe the propaganda that's being disseminated on television, radio, social media, print media, and even in our own seats of government. The lie has become the truth, and those who won't accept the lie are treated like enemies of society and of the state, by those who both perpetuate the lie and those who have been deceived into believing the lie. It was prophesied, and it's happening right now.

We keep trying to fight back, to take back some ground, but end-time prophecy won't be stopped. God will honor our efforts as long as they're in His perfect will, but those efforts will achieve only so much before we're taken out of the way and the full force of evil is allowed to be unleashed worldwide. 

When this happens, the United States will fall. It will be taken out of the picture. Just as Jesus will rescue His bride from what's to come, He will also bring judgment upon this nation, once His bride has been removed from it. I'm sure there are many theories out there as to why the United States isn't included in biblical prophecy just as there are a myriad of theories of how the United States is going to meet it's fate. 

As much as God has blessed this nation, we're rotting from within. The rich and powerful believe that they're untouchable, but God is no respecter of persons, and it doesn't matter how much money, power, or fame they have, they can't escape God's judgments. God has taken down kings and kingdoms before, and the United States is no different. They, and this country, are not exempt from God's wrath or judgments. 

If you comment on this blog article, please attempt to keep your comments brief and please limit your scriptural references to a minimum. 


Sunday, November 20, 2022

A Good Reason Why We're Still Waiting For The Rapture: Digital Currency

A YouTube acquaintance of mine stated several times in the past that the Rapture was imminent. I remember him posting a video on his YouTube channel telling his viewers that the Rapture was so imminent, that he'd be surprised if we were still here for the presidential election (we were only about 5 months out from the election at that time). We're talking about the 2020 election and the date of this article is Nov. 20, 2022, so a few years have passed since then. I tried to explain to him that his urgency was a bit premature, but he wasn't having any of it. Here is what I tried to explain to him. 

No matter how bad things seemed to be at that moment, it was nothing compared to what it was going to be like when the Rapture actually happens. A world system had to be created before there could be any move towards a one world government or a one world monetary system. It doesn't have to be completely cohesive, but the pieces need to be there for the Antichrist to pull them all together. The one world religion will be an easy thing to perpetrate once the majority of born again believers are gone (I'm saying that the majority will be gone, because there will be new born again believers populating the planet after the Rapture.)

The Antichrist won't have time to build these new systems in every country of the world. There are a lot of time consuming and complicated issues in dealing with the switch to a digital monetary system, and a lot of the initial work needs to be accomplished beforehand, so the ground work needs to be laid and the majority of the work needs to be completed BEFORE the Antichrist shows up on the scene. When that acquaintance of mine from YouTube was so adamant that the Rapture was going to most likely take place in 2020 (although he claimed he wasn't date setting...), I just couldn't agree with him. There was so much that needed to be done before the Rapture because the Antichrist immediately appears on the scene. Like many in power say, "Never let a good crisis go to waste." 

Now, how could the Antichrist make sure that no one would be able to buy or sell anything without his mark? It's not like those Rapture movies we grew up on. Sure, you won't be able to walk into a store and buy anything unless you have the mark, maybe, but I don't think people have considered the black market. There's a black market for everything in demand. So what's a demented despot to do?

Anyone left here who has the mark of the beast won't really care whether they make their money from those who have the mark and those who don't. Money talks. Evil will be infesting this planet, so making distinctions as to whether someone has the mark or not won't matter to many who are controlling the flow of goods, assuming they aren't offered a price for your head. For biblical prophecy to be realized, the Antichrist will need some other type of system in place to stop the legal and illegal purchase of goods, or his mark won't prevent illegal black market purchases. What could this new system be that would work in conjunction with his mark?

The answer is digital currency. He would need to be sure that physical cash was taken out of the hands of the populace and replaced with digital currency that could be tracked and controlled. On November 20,2022? The Federal Reserve Bank of NY and a group of banks announced that they'll be perform a 12-week trial to test out a digital dollar. Yep, and it won't be built like Bitcoin. The Federal Reserve will be in charge of the whole shebang. As I said, the groundwork needs to be laid so the Antichrist can access and control established economic and governmental systems. The United States isn't the only country experimenting with digital currency, either. According to data from the Atlantic Council, an American think tank in the field of international affairs, as of this date and time, there are around 105 countries across the glove that are exploring digital currencies. Several countries have already converted to 100% digital currency. So, as you can see, we're well on our way to a one world economic system.
I told a co-worker a few months back, when all this digital currency talk was getting serious, that if the government ever switched over to digital currency, they'd be able to not only see where all of our money was going, but they'd also be able to lock us out of our bank accounts at a whim. She brushed it off as a conspiracy theory, saying that the government would never be allowed to do that. What can you say after getting that kind of response? I just shook my head and went on with my work.

Here's the thing. When you're using physical cash, no one knows what you're spending your money on, unless you're using it with a store courtesy card or something else that links you to the cash you're spending. So you go to the store, spend your cash, and no one's the wiser on what you purchased. With digital currency, all of your purchases will be recorded, which means that systems can be put in place to flag your account when you're using your digital currency for "unapproved" purchases. What do I mean by that?

Here are a few scenarios:

Example #1: Inflation is an issue, so they need people to spend money. What the government doesn't want you to do is save money. They want it pumped into the economy. How can they get you to spend the cash instead of saving it? They give it an expiration date. You can thank China for that idea. The digital currency is good for a specified period of time (3 months maybe?). If you don't use it, you lose it, and there won't be anything you can do about it. If you're not going to spend it, the government will take it and split it between the federal government and the state in which you reside. Simple as that. 

Example #2: Our benevolent government claims it knows what's best for us and decides that it's time to limit the amount of "unhealthy" foods that we're allowed to eat or to limit the services and products that we access. They'll claim it's for our own good. So, we'll be limited in the amount of animal protein and other "unhealthy" foods we're are allowed to purchase. When we reach our monthly limit of particular items, we won't be able to use our digital currency to purchase them. Our card will be declined. The cashier will be instructed to remove those items from the belt if you want to continue your purchase. The current president wants everyone to convert to electric cars, stoves, etc... Can you imagine going out to buy a new gas stove or combustible engine car and be blocked from purchasing one because you're not authorized to use digital currency to purchase those items? 

Example #3: You want to purchase a firearm and some ammo? Survival gear? At the register, your digital currency is rejected and you immediately get a text from the Federal Reserve that you can't use your digital currency for that purchase because your social media score red flags you as a possible threat. They'll most likely block all further attempts to purchase these items until your social media account comes under review in 6-12 months. Maybe.

Example #4: You go to your local town or city hall and peacefully protest; you go before a school board to debate an issue; you meet at a church where the pastor talks about political and societal issues that the government deems "unacceptable"; you share what the government considers "misinformation." Depending on how serious they consider the "infraction," you could receive a text from the Federal Reserve informing you that your account has been frozen for a week or two. Just long enough to force you to submit to their totalitarian authority.

What I'm trying to say is that digital currency destroys anonymity. True story, I went to a big box store recently and purchased a couple of items using my debit card. A couple of days later, I received an email from that big box store asking me to review the items I purchased. Wait, I didn't purchase them online, so how did they know I purchased those items as a walk-in customer? They connected me to my debit card purchase. So we've already lost some of our anonymity by using something other than cash.

Once we go to an electronic form of payment and we lose the freedom of anonymous spending, they'll be able to track every transaction and use our bank accounts as leverage to force everyone into compliance. Ask yourself this... how many people were convinced to take the jab? 
  • First it was optional. They waited to see how many people would just line up and take the jab. The same will be true of the conversion to digital currency. They'll wait to see how many voluntarily make the switch. 
  • When they got a large part of the population jabbed, they resorted to bribing those who had still not taken the jab. College tuition, gift cards, a car, a jab lottery, free fries, etc... They'll most likely do the same with the switch to digital currency. "Convert to digital currency and get an additional $100 in your account! Convert to digital currency and automatically be entered into a $10,000 lottery!"
  • Then, when the herd instinct and bribery wasn't enough, they tried shaming the unjabbed into submitting, by pitting the jabbed against the unjabbed, claiming the unjabbed were driving the variations that were killing grandma and that we were never going to get through the pandemic unless everyone got jabbed. The jabbed developed a sense of social superiority over the unjabbed, and many of them had no issues with sharing their distaste for anyone refusing the jab. It'll be the same for digital currency. "We're never going to get rid of this runaway inflation, this recession, unless everyone converts to digital currency! We're spending millions on printing money and creating coinage. It's a waste of money and it's killing us economically. Why can't you just follow everyone else who's fighting to get this economy fixed! If you don't want to convert to digital currency, then you've become part of the problem and that's unacceptable and fascist!" Those paying in cash at the register will feel the glares of those who have already made the switch just like the masked received the judgmental stares of those who walked around double masked.
  • Then, when social shame wasn't enough, the threats started. People were told to get the jab, or they would lose their livelihood. It was a "choice," but what it really was, was intimidation... it was coercion. "Do what we say, or lose everything." Suddenly, "My body, my choice" was no longer relevant. The same will hold true for electronic cash. We'll be given a "choice." "Convert to digital currency, or your bills don't get paid." If the jab compliance is any indication, the majority of the nation will have already switched over to digital currency by this time. The Federal Reserve will say, "Every cash business, including property owners, will be switched over to cashless payments as of such-and-such a date, so cash will no longer be accepted as payment after that date. Want to pay your rent? Make a car payment? Buy groceries? Buy fuel? Pay your utility bills? Go to any store? Pay for car repairs? Keep your cell phone on? If you want to spend any money, you'll need to convert your cash to digital currency, or you won't be able to buy or sell anything, because we will be a cashless society as of such-and-such a date."
It's the same steps the Antichrist and False Prophet will likely go through to get everyone to take the mark: First, wait while many take it willingly, then bribe the masses with gifts, then cause class warfare between those who have taken the mark and those who have not (putting social pressure on those who refuse the mark), then threaten the dissenters' livelihood and family structure, striking fear in the heart of those who continue to resist. All of this will culminate with the mark becoming mandatory, refusal of which will mean execution by way of beheading. It's been prophesied that by the middle of the Tribulation, when the Antichrist, being possessed by Satan, sets himself up as God in the Third Temple, his mark will become mandatory, and those who refuse to take his mark and worship his image will be killed.

With the rise of digital currency with over a hundred countries testing or planning to test a digital currency, we see this important piece falling into place. It's something that the Antichrist will use to his advantage. This is one sign that we're that much closer to the Rapture. They say that digital currency is years away, but with systems tested, but with all the planning, testing, and implementation in the U.S and other countries worldwide (China has digital currency), it wouldn't take much for the Antichrist to just convert every economy in the world to a shared digital currency.