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Make An After Rapture Packet!

To those of us who feel the urgency building to increase our efforts in witnessing to our small part of a lost world, we can’t help but think about our family, friends, neighbors, co-workers and others who will be left behind after the rapture. We know that not everyone we know will accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior before the Lord returns for His “bride.” So what do we do for those left behind… for those we know and love?

Just because we will be absent from this world for a while doesn't mean we can’t continue to witness to those who are left behind. Here are a couple of things that I believe we can do to help those who are seeking the truth in a world that is about to experience horror the likes that have never been experienced since the creation of the world.

1.  We have the God-given responsibility to share the gospel while we are still here. We have to allow ourselves to be used by God to prepare that soil or plant that seed or water that seed before we leave. There is nothing more important than that. Along with this, we must warn the lost about the coming rapture and tribulation. We have so much to do and so many people to reach before Lord returns!

2.  Once we are gone, we still need a way to share the gospel. I believe we can do that by creating a packet of information for those left behind. You can create a “generic” packet that can be left or given to anyone, but it should have the flexibility to be able to be personalized and updated. What kind of information am I referring to? 
  • Tracts: Tracts are very important. There are plenty of really good tracts out there that explain the reason for becoming a born-again believer in Christ.
  • Bible: A bible will be an important tool for the new believer in the tribulation. There are plenty of inexpensive paperback bibles out there on the market. You can either purchase a full paperback bible or you can purchase a paperback New Testament. Either way, it seems a no-brainer to leave a copy of the word of God behind. If you're trying to save space, I suggest including only the New Testament instead of a bulkier bible. 
  • Personal Message:
    • Write a personal letter to the person you're giving the packet to or leaving the packet behind for and include it in the packet. 
    • Many of us have a web cam, camcorder or phone that can take videos. We can use that technology to create a brief message explaining in our own words what has just taken place (the rapture) and what is about to occur in the near future (the tribulation). It also gives us a chance to once again share the salvation message in our own words. We can leave the video on those devices, copy it to a thumb drive, burn it on a DVD or burn it on an audio CD. If it's portable, you can put it in the packet.
  • DVD: Find a few short Christian videos online (like on YouTube) concerning the rapture, tribulation and salvation, and burn them to a DVD.  You can also include your own personal message on the DVD. I will provide some links below for information that I have included in my own packets. 
  • Internet Resources: There are a myriad of Christian web sites out there.  Copy the links of those sites that adequately describe what they need to know about salvation, the rapture and the tribulation.  Make a list of these web sites and print out a copy to include in your packet.
  • Additional Materials: Add any additional materials that you feel someone might appreciate or benefit from.
  • Find some inventive way of packaging up this information.  No matter how you decide to pack up the information, remember to include a label describing what’s in the packet.  Example: “Emergency Rapture Kit” or “In Case Of A Mass Disappearance, Open Immediately!”
Here are some ideas on how to package up your “Rapture Kit”:
  • Large plastic zip-type freezer bag. This will not only keep everything together, but it will protect the contents from dirt and liquids and allow you to update it when needed, especially if you have created and "generic" packet and want to personalize it.
  • Plastic wrap. It will help protect the contents keep things tightly bundled together.
  • Hard plastic container. The type and amount of information you’re leaving behind will dictate the size of the container. If you're leaving it in your own home, it can be as large as you want it to be, but remember to keep it compact if you're making packets to give away.
  • Cardboard box. Again, the size of the box will depend on what you’re including in the packet. A cardboard box alone may not protect your content as well as a plastic container. If it's the size of a shoe box, then you may be able to waterproof the box by sealing it in a plastic bag or by securing it in a food saver type sealer bag (air tight and sealed).
  • Large manila mailing envelope. Again, this may not protect your information as well as a plastic container, but it can be left in an office environment or where you keep your important paperwork at home.
However you package up the information, remember that it should be clearly marked so that there is no doubt what the packaging contains.

Here are some ideas on what to do with the packet when it’s completed: 
  • Give one to family members and friends who do not have a relationship with Jesus. Now, there are bound to be those who will not even want anything to do with the information you're offering. In that case, ask them if they would accept it as a personal favor to you and just put the information in a safe place so that if the rapture does actually happen, they can retrieve the packet and find out what just happened, what’s coming next and what they can do to be sure they spend eternity with God. If they know you’re not expecting anything else from them, then they're more likely to take the packet and tuck it away.
  • Hand them out to neighbors or specific people you've been witnessing to but who haven't yet submitted their life to the Lord.
  • Leave some in a conspicuous area in your house, like near your video tapes, CD’s, DVD’s, books, etc… where they will be easily found.
  • Leave a packet or two at work. Place them in your desk drawer or in your locker at work to become a witness to your co-workers after you're gone.
  • If it's packaged right (create your own booklet as I have), you may be able to donate a few to your local library.
  • Share the contents of the packet with your church leadership and ask if they would be willing to contribute materials for your special ministry or if they would like to encourage the congregation to create their own packets.  Also suggest creating similar packets to leave behind in the sanctuary or Pastor’s office so that those flocking to the church after the rapture will find the information.
  • Leave a packet in your glove box, center console or trunk in your vehicle.
  • Carry one with you. If your information packet is small enough, you can keep a packet in your pocketbook or briefcase, ready to give out if the opportunity arises. If not, anyone going through your pocketbook or briefcase after the rapture will find it (after all, you’re not taking it with you…lol).
  • Leave a copy where you keep your important paperwork (last will and testament, home insurance, mortgage papers, birth certificates, etc…)
These are just a few examples on how you can share or store your packets so that anyone left behind will be able to access this important information.

The important thing to remember is that however you package up the information and however you give them out or store them, you are taking steps to continue witnessing to the lost and unsaved world even after you’re gone.

For a more in-depth article describing of what I have in my own After Rapture Packet, click here.

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