Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Making Sacrifices - How Noble Of You

"We need to make some sacrifices for our own safety." 

Every time the government chips away at our personal rights, we’re told it’s for our own safety. I’d like to take this opportunity to ask those who believe the government has our best interest in mind exactly how much they would  sacrifice for their “safety” and “protection.” 

Let’s start with the most current debate… guns.  Do we give up our right to possess certain types of weapons or do we just give them all up in hopes that a total weapons ban will save lives?  Of course, it hasn’t helped anyone in the other states in our union or helped the crime statistics in other countries, but it should work here, right?

Do we give up our right to travel freely on the highways without being forced to stop at checkpoints?  How wonderful it will be to be forced to stop every few miles to be told to head on over to the secondary area so that we and our possessions can be searched.

Do we allow ourselves to be implanted with a chip so that we can be tracked 24/7?  We can already be tracked by our cell phones.  What’s having a chip implanted going to hurt, right?

Do we allow the government to come up with a nationwide pay scale instead of allowing employers to pay their own employees what they feel they’re actually worth? You can forget about that raise based on your stellar performance.

Do we allow the government to move us all into housing units and forbid the personal ownership of single family homes?  After all, that’s what Agenda 21 is all about.  You aren’t familiar with Agenda 21?  Time for me to point my finger at you and scream, “Zombie!”

Do we submit ourselves to strip searches and other types of searches in a “guilty until proven innocent” society?  Reminds me of that story of the officers that searched a woman in public and reached up and pulled her tampon out or the 10 year old boy who was strip searched in the boys room in front of a female staff member.  Yeah, let’s have more of that!

Do we allow the government to force everyone to obtain and carry a National ID card to be surrendered on command whenever a law enforcement officer demands you to identify yourself?  We can combine that with what they do in NY.  You know, the “stop and frisk” thing they do.  After all, in a society where we desire total safety, everyone must be considered guilty until proven innocent.

And let’s create a “one child” policy like they have in China.  We wouldn’t want to overpopulate the planet and run out of food and water.  Don’t worry.  If you become pregnant, you can always have a forced abortion or bring it full term and hand it over to the pedophile government official who I’m sure will take good care of him/her.

Do we give up our religious beliefs in favor of a state sanctioned religion?  Christians are being seen more and more as threats to society.  We're being called bigots, racist and intolerant.  A one world religion will be seen by many to be the solution.

What type of sacrifices are we willing to make?  How much is too much?  How far is too far?  Why don’t we all just live in a prison cell.  We’ll be locked in, safe from harm.  We’ll be given our three square meals a day.  We’ll be given free medical attention (when it’s convenient for them of course) and we can work for the state to help pay for our room and board.  Sounds nice and safe, doesn’t it?  We’ll all wear the same clothing so that we’re all equal… you know, like school uniforms.  It’s all for our safety… for our protection. 

Giving up even one of our basic rights/freedoms leads to the taking of more.  One day, if the trend continues, we’ll be under a dictatorship and will be working for the state.  The only desire we will be allowed to have is the desire to do our best to serve the state.  Is that the kind of nation we want to live in?  Is that the kind of future we want for ourselves and for our children and grandchildren?

Acknowledgement:  Photo - infowars.com

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