Monday, April 01, 2013

Eschatology And Misinterpreting Current Events - Enough Already!

As we get closer and closer to the Rapture, I find that many of my brothers and sisters in the Lord seem to be allowing current events to send them off on wild goose chases. There are many brothers and sisters who are so caught up in eschatology that they are looking for any bit of information, no matter how small, that they can use to confirm their own personal theories of where we are in end time events.

Here are the things I'm hearing online:
  • "Obama is the Antichrist"
  • "Obama is the clone of pharaoh Akhenaten"
  • "We are currently in the middle of the Tribulation"
  • "The 7-year peace treaty was signed a couple of years ago in secret"
  • "North Korea is going to trigger the events that will bring on the Rapture"
  • "The Abomination of Desolation has already happened with Obama's recent visit to Israel"
  • "The man who showed up in St. Peter's Square in sackcloth may be one of the two witnesses"
Are you serious, people? Have you thrown wisdom out of the window? Are you now ready to misquote and misinterpret scripture? You look left and you look right as you take in world events, but are you filtering all of this information through the Holy Spirit? Some of you think you are, but you are just deceiving yourself.

There have been other generation who thought that they were going to experience the Rapture, but they were misinterpreting the signs of the time. They weren't filtering that information through the Holy Spirit and they were leaning unto their own understanding of the situations around them. The same can be said for Christians today. Yes, the Rapture and Tribulation is closer than ever. Yes, I believe that the Rapture will happen soon. What I don't believe is that every news item out there is linked to biblical prophecy.

There is a brother online that I follow on YouTube. He's a great brother in the Lord and he has been used by God in healing the sick at church and encouraging his brothers and sisters through his YouTube videos. He happens to be 100% positive, by his own admission, that President Obama is the Antichrist. I don't believe this to be true, as you can see HERE in a separate article I wrote on the subject.

Since this brother believes that President Obama is the Antichrist, he now believes that we are already in the Tribulation. This is only one example how misinterpreting the signs of the time can alter your perception of scripture. Scripture says that the Antichrist will be revealed when he brokers a peace agreement between Israel and her enemies. To believe that Obama is the Antichrist would thus lead you to believe that some secret peace treaty was signed a few years ago and that we're about to reach the midway point of the 7-year Tribulation. Of course, scripture refutes that idea, but wisdom seems to be tossed out the window when worldly understanding takes over our mind.

Why is this happening? It's the work of the Enemy, of course. He is the creator of confusion and will use anything to send the elect spinning in different directions, using their valuable time on this earth to chase after false ideas, which result in conclusions that can in no way be supported by scripture. These brothers and sisters are falling down rabbit hole after rabbit hole, always looking for those precious pieces of information that will support their theory, but which, in the end, lead only to altering the word of God to fit their own desires for confirmation.

I'm writing this article out of love for you, my brothers and sisters. Please... PLEASE... think about what you're doing! You're being used by the Enemy to bring confusion to your own lives and to the rest of the body of Christ and you don't even realize it. Many of you have predicted that certain events would happen and they haven't come to pass. You admit you were wrong, but then go right on predicting what you believe will occur in the near future. Can't you see that the information you're using to predict future events is itself corrupt?  
  • Obama is not the Antichrist!  The Antichrist will come as a man of peace, not a man who uses armed drones to kill innocent men, women and children overseas. He is a type of anti-Christ but isn't the true Antichrist.  Nor is he a clone of the pharaoh Akhenaten.
  • We can't be almost at the midpoint of the Tribulation for many reasons, one of which is that the Jews haven't even begun construction of the Third Temple on the Temple Mount.
  • If Israel is not currently at peace with her neighbors, then how could the 7-year peace treaty have already been signed?
  • The man who showed up at St. Peter's Square can't possibly be one of the two witnesses because he recognizes the Pope's authority over him and he is a believer in Catholicism.
I could go on and on. Please, brothers and sisters, think about what you're putting out there, in real life and online. You're passing off lies as truths, you're using scripture improperly to substantiate your claims and you're allowing yourselves to be deceived by the Enemy who only wants to cause confusion among the brethren and keep you off balance. Even common sense is being ignored.

When an event happens, take a step back and compare it to scripture. Don't make scripture fit the event, check to see if the event fits scripture. The Enemy will continue to put information out there that he wants us to chase after in our vain attempt to somehow figure everything out. Don't be deceived! If you continue on, you'll be leading others astray just as Harold Camping did, who by-the-way was thoroughly convinced that he was correct in what he was teaching as well.

One final note.  In the past, I was guilty of this very thing that I'm writing about today, but the Lord corrected me. Will you give Him the opportunity to speak to you as well?

May the Lord guide your thoughts through His Holy Spirit. God bless!!!

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Repent and be forgiven! Believe and be saved!

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