Friday, June 26, 2015

We Are A Witness To Biblical History

One of the questions I used to ask online was this... "Do you ever wish you lived in biblical times?  If so, which era would you like to have lived in?"  Well, I'd get all kinds of responses, but the one response I never received was this... "I am living in biblical times.  I'm living in the end times spoken of by the prophets!"

Yes, we are living in a really exciting time in history.  We're living in a time that the saints before us could only dream about.  Here we are in a world that is on the verge of having the total force of evil unleashed upon it as we and the Holy Spirit are taken out of the way at the time of the Rapture! As the world deteriorates, our one hope lies in the return of Yeshua our Bridegroom!  

I'm sure many of us have wondered what it would be like to talk with someone we've read about in the bible.  We'd like to know what they were thinking and what they were doing when God intervened in their lives.  
  • "Moses, what are some of the details of the journey in the desert that weren't recorded in the bible?"  
  • "Abraham, as you were leading your son to be sacrificed on the alter of God, how did you keep your composure?"  
  • "Rahab, when you let down that cord of scarlet, did you doubt you would survive when you saw the walls come crashing down all around the city?"
What we don't realize is that these very saints may come up to us to ask us questions about what was happening here on earth in the years leading up to the Rapture. "What were you doing?"  "What was the world experiencing?" "How powerful was the deception with which the enemy clouded the minds of unbelievers?" What were the signs that made you aware of the season of Yeshua's return?"

We are living biblical history and are witnesses to the continued fulfillment of prophecy as God allows mankind to destroy itself.  We use our computers, phones, tablets, radios, televisions and printed media to follow the events as they unfold, most often in real time!  Society seems to be decaying at a more rapid pace as citizens watch their personal liberties fade away, racism once again burns in the hearts of men, scandals and deception are expected of those holding public office, sexual perversion is accepted at the highest levels of government as witnessed by the Supreme Court's decision concerning same-sex marriage, military forces are positioning themselves, and long-held alliances between countries begin to crumble.  

We can also see the three major religions of the world begin to coalesce into a one world religion as the Catholic church begins to embrace Islam and Protestant religions.

We watch as...
  • The terrorist group IS decapitates Christian children and men as they rape and make sexual slaves of Christian women.
  • Iran is being allowed to continue it's uranium enrichment, which will eventually lead to the creation of nuclear weapons with which they can terrorize with world.
  • Israel continues to become more isolated as the United States begins to turn it's back on a long held alliance.
  • China becomes the number one economy in the world and builds a technologically modern military.
  • The United States seems to make one misstep after another, causing our allies and enemies to see us as a declining world power.
  • Earthquakes occur in greater number and in diverse places.
  • The governments of the world become more and more corrupt.
  • The heart of man grows cold.
  • Evil is spoken of as good, and good evil.
We are at the tail end of the church age, my brothers and sisters. We're not just close, we're very close to the Bridegroom's return. God never promised us that we would be exempt from persecution before the Rapture. In fact, it's to be expected as the dark ruler of this world continues to influence the nations, governments and peoples of this planet. Christian persecution won't just contain itself to other nations, it will shift to this country as well. Already Christians are being harassed, verbally and physically attacked, and forced to stand before a judge to explain their actions.

The legalization of murdering a child in the womb (abortion) flooded this nation with the sin of the spilled blood of the innocent, and now the Supreme Court has mocked God again by legalizing same-sex marriage. Now, matters have been made much worse. Born again believers don't see this decision as the rest of the world does.  We see the spiritual implications.  We know that God is not pleased, and we await His response as we go forward from here.

There are dark times coming for the inhabitants of this free land and for the rest of the world. God's patience, though greater than we can possibly imagine, does run out.  This may be the very thing that stirs that anger to overflowing.

Take heart, brothers and sisters. Although we are entering dark times, we live and operate in the light. We still have the opportunity to be beacons of light in this ever darkening world. Maybe, just maybe, as the world turns darker, those seeking the truth will see our light shine even brighter as this age comes to a close.

We're beating against the gates of hell in the name of Jesus and those gates cannot prevail against us as we break through them to rescue our brothers and sisters, armed with the sword of the spirit which is the word of God.

As every day passes, the story we take with us into eternity grows in length and in detail. Now is the time to begin moving forward with more urgency, adding a new chapter to our story as we go forward from here. Time is short.

When we get to heaven and share our story with the saints that have gone before us, what amazing things will your story hold?

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Repent and be forgiven!  Believe and be saved!

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  1. Regarding the shootings recently in Charleston, S.C., has there been any public discussion at all that the motive for the shootings may really have been because the people slain were Christians? All of the babbling heads that I've heard on network news focus exclusively on the victims' ethnicity. Whoever killed these people is/are evil, and evil hates those who belong to Him. It makes sense that the evil one would use the event to further divide the world along racial lines, while killing some of those he hates