Saturday, May 11, 2013

Obama Blindsided By The New World Order

I had several dreams that I wanted to place on this blog.  My recollection of those dreams were recorded on audio and I have transcribed them.  Here is one of those dreams:

In my dream, I had been invited to a two day function held by the world elites.  I had absolutely no idea why I had been invited.  In this dream, I was trying to find a decent set of clothes to wear before heading down to the banquet hall.  Most of the clothes I had were dirty and lay strewn across the floor, but I managed to find something clean to put on.  i thought it strange that the room I had been given was just a bedroom and not a normal hotel room.

There must have been about 200 to 300 people in the banquet room, maybe more.  President Obama was among them.  Mixed in with the elite were about 25 – 50 people like me, who were just ordinary working class people.  There was a podium in the main event room from which various individuals were taking turns giving speeches.  Security was being taken seriously because the number of security personnel was outrageous.

The central theme of this event was focused around this woman, I think she may have been Hispanic or Latino,  who had immigrated to America.  She had died and the discussion at all of the short high level meetings in the banquet hall was whether we, as a nation, should celebrate this woman's life.  There were some people in the room who thought, as I did, that it made no sense because she had not made any significant contribution to our country.  I can't remember the exact details of her life and why they felt it was imperative that they go forward with this plan quickly, but President Obama and the elite expressed their desire to use her death for their benefit.

At this point in the dream, because some of us were questioning the motivation behind this push for a national celebration, we began to fear that our lives were in danger; that the President could, at any moment, give the word and a sharpshooter would just take us out.  That's how threatening it started to feel.  

While eating dinner, I felt the eyes of the elite trained on me, especially the ones who were sitting close to me.  They were listening to my conversations and were looking at me like I was some kind of river rat who had been invited into their private world and they weren't happy about it.  I felt very out of place.  When dining, we would sit at the table with a partition in front of us. On the other side of the partition was the kitchen, ready to serve you whatever you wanted.  All the food was made to order and arrived almost immediately.  There was a really strange machine that guests would use to wash their hands after dinner.  Everyone would queue up to use the same machine.  There were special wireless glasses you had to wear to use this hand washing machine.  By tapping the frame of the glasses, a menu would appear on the lense where you could choose the water temp, the speed of the water flow, the amount of soap to dispense, etc... When I got to the machine, I had no idea how to use it, so I had to call up the instructions on the  machines flat screen monitor which gave me a brief 60 second tutorial on how to operate the glasses.  Well, by the time I finished washing my hands and was handing the glasses off to the next person, the line was very long and I was getting a lot of angry looks from people who were very upset by my lack of knowledge on the use of the machine and the amount of time they had to wait in line.

There were celebrities there.  Again!  Celebrities!  I don't know why celebrities keep showing up in my  Of course, the celebrities were part of the elite.  Don't ask me who these celebrities were because I don't know. That's a piece of information I somehow didn't retain (or was forbidden by God to retain).  Some of the elite were self-made billionaires who came from nothing, so they didn't have a problem with me being there, but there were others there who came from “old money” who had issues with me attending the function.

Further on in the dream, there was discussion about a particular type of law enforcement/military weapon that had been developed to be used nationwide.  It was a type of energy weapon.  It was like a super powered Taser, only it didn't shoot electrified wires with barbs on the end, it actually shot a stream of electricity. 

Suddenly we were notified of an emergency news broadcast. The whole banquet room got quiet very quickly. All the lights were dimmed and the monitors were brought up.  As I sat alone at a white rectangular table, President Obama appeared and stood on my immediate left. He clasped the edge of the table with both hands and leaned in to watch the news broadcast along with the rest of us.  There was some sort of huge natiowide revolt.  This was it!  American citizens were rebelling. Uniformed officers and the military had already been issued their new energy weapons. As they began targeting people, we became aware that these weapons weren't made to just take you down, they were made to take you out!

At first the guests at the event were in agreement in how things were being handled on the ground, but they soon became nervous as they began to comprehend the enormity of the situation.

There were some ground vehicles that could actually lift off and fly in the air.  They were small one-man vehicles.  They could fly on their own or be coupled together (like cars on a train).  They were trying to escape the madness on the ground, but they soon found out that they were being followed by uniformed personnel in their own one-man vehicles. These uniformed individuals began shooting down the civilian vehicles left and right, causing  civilians to fall to their death.  

President Obama's reaction was like someone who had been left out of the loop.  I got the impression that although he knew the moment was coming,  the exact timing of the event wasn't something he had any knowledge of.  He was learning about it at the same time we were.  He even seemed a little disappointed that it had to get to this point in order to accomplish their goals.  He just turned from the monitors and resigned himself to the fact that the NWO was now in complete  control.  He didn't call DHS or DOD or anyone else to try to stop what was happening.  He just let the scenario play itself out.

That was when the elite at the event started fearing for their own personal safety.  Like... “Is there nothing that President Obama wouldn't do to get what he wants?  Are we all expendable?”

Snipers began taking people out here and there at the event.  There was one point where I thought I had seen someone I knew.  She walked right past me and went outside without even acknowledging me.  I went outside to try to find her.  I called her name and when I looked to my right, she was already in her vehicle.  She just drove right past me as if I wasn't even there.

That's when I realized that she wasn't who I thought she was.  She was a decoy sent to get me outside.  I immediately looked up and spotted a couple of snipers on top of a tall building on the far side of the property.  I put two and two together and realized they wanted to take me out, so I immediately ran back inside and tried to put something between me and the expansive glass facade at the front of the building.

Then the dream flash forwarded.  The shooting was over. I was now standing outside near the parking lot.  There were some vehicles still left abandoned in the lot.  I somehow knew that most of the guests had been killed by the snipers.  Although I could not see their bodies, I instinctively knew they were dead.  I also knew that some of them had ssurvived and had fled on foot.  I walked past a small row of cars and just kept walking... alone.  There was no one else around.  Anyone who wasn't dead was gone, even the snipers.

That's when I woke up.

I am having dreams every night... dreams that I can remember... and that is so abnormal for me.  I may have a memorable dream every once in a great while, but now I”m having dreams that I can recall night after night after night.

Could the dream I just described mean that something big is about to happen?  Could it be martial law?  Could it be martial law combined with gun confiscation?  As we know, President Obama seems to go on with life at the White House no matter how bad things seem.  He invites entertainers to put on a show for his family and guests, he goes golfing, he goes on vacation with his family, etc... even when something major is happening in the country or in the world.  He just goes on with his personal life with all the perks of being president.  Could this be such an occasion when the nation is about to explode and the president just goes on with life as usual?  Is that why it occurs at a time he doesn't expect, but doesn't come as a complete surprise?

If that's the case, we all know that there are troops and law enforcement officers who will not think twice about killing US citizens.  No matter who they are or what their status is.  Just like the party.  Everyone from the river rats to the elite were targets.

Could the different vehicles that I saw in the sky in this dream be in reference to the different sized aircraft that fly in the skies across our nation?  Everything from single prop planes to private jets to the huge planes flown by the airlines?  Could this mean that aircraft will be shot down?  I don't know.

I can remember in this dream that at first the elite were in agreement about the actions taken by the military and local police departments, but then the elite became targets themselves.  As I've said all along, no one is immune to whatever the New World Order has planned.  There are millionaires and billionaires out there who think they're safe, but they're not.  They think that they're going to be part of the New World Order, but they're just lower on the NWO's kill list.  Even military and police officers think they're safe, but that's an illusion.  Once the population is under control, the police will be of little use.  They'll either be absorbed into the military or they will be dispatched with a bullet to the head.  The NWO doesn't play around.  Then those in the military not loyal to the NWO will be next.  They're already asking troops if they will fire on US citizens if necessary. Those who say no are being quietly let go at the end of their tour of duty.

I won't continue on with my  That was my dream and the possible  interpretation of it.  God bless!

<<< UPDATE 07/06/14 >>>

Google glass is now a reality. 

Currently there is a massive illegal penetration into United States by Central American citizens (Hispanic/Latino woman?) and these illegal immigrants are being dispersed nationwide amid local protests in some communities.

Local police departments are being militarized, giving police some of the same vehicles, body armor and equipment that is used by our military forces.

President Obama continues to golf, take vacations and attend fundraisers even during a national or international crises and is ignoring the crisis at our southern boarder.

As time passes, this dream seems to become more real. I doubt I will be invited to an actual banquet to stand elbow to elbow with the elite, but perhaps I was invited by the Lord to be an observer to what was to come.

Repent and be forgiven! Believe and be saved!