Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Surrounded By Demons

The Lord has allowed me to experience many things during my walk with Him. Some of which would be unbelievable unless you experienced them yourself. They weren't captured on video or audio… they weren't witnessed by friends or family. Instead, they were personal experiences that God allowed me to have in the spirit. Here is one of the experiences that the Lord blessed me with.

I experienced this while sleeping one night. I was walking along in this dry and dusty land and noticed some men in the distance. They were dressed in clothing that reminded me of the time when Jesus lived on earth. They were carrying a stretcher down the side of a mountain and as they reached the base of the mountain, I noticed that someone laying on the stretcher. I was about to go over to see who it was when a host of voices suddenly started praising God. I felt there were hundreds or thousands of voices all around me. I stopped in my tracks and was caught up with them in the spirit, lifting my hands and praising God with an unbelievable sense of joy.  

Then, in an instant, I was standing there, as a multitude of invisible beings appeared. I looked in all directions and realized that I was totally surrounded. There was a little bit of a distance between me and them but the distance didn't explain why I wasn't able to see any of their features. I could see the outline of their bodies but could not see any details. The nearest I can get to describing them is to share this picture with you. In this screen shot of the game Halo 2, you can see two beings in the background who are cloaked. The demons looked somewhat like this, except that had a little less detail about them than this picture has.

Okay, moving on... Their presence seemed threatening. As I stood there, I saw the "invisible" crowd part and a short squat being, also invisible, began approaching me. Just as he drew near to me, he raised a rod and tried to strike me with it. I grabbed the rod with both hands to protect myself, but he forced me to the ground. He sat on me, pushing the rod down onto my neck, trying to choke me. I did not have enough strength to fend him off. I tried calling out to Jesus for help, but I was so frightened that I couldn't speak. Then the thought came to my mind… "If I think the name of Jesus, maybe that will work." I just kept thinking, "Jesus, Jesus, Jesus…" over and over. Immediately my attacker started losing strength and I was able to begin forcing the rod from my neck. When I realized what was happening, my fear was replace with confidence and I began shouting the name of Jesus. That's when the being lost all strength and I pushed the rod away from me and jumped up.  

Then I awoke, finding myself in sitting up in my bed in the dark and praising God! Although I awoke in the middle of the night praising God out loud, no one in my family mentioned hearing anything that night.

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Repent and be forgiven! Believe and be saved!

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