Tuesday, November 01, 2011

All Human Life Is Faith Based

All humans live a life of faith, whether it’s faith in the Judaeo/Christian God, a false god of another “religion”, human intellect, traditions, etc... no matter what it is, we live a faith based life.

My major faith is that the Judaeo/Christian God of the bible is real. I’ve submitted my life to Him, making mistakes along the way, but still making the effort to stay on that difficult and narrow road that I’ve chosen to remain on. I’ve heard the argument that not believing in something is the absence of faith. That would be true if you want to stop there, but why express an incomplete thought?

Having no faith in something is only half of the equation. If you don’t believe in one thing, then you must believe in another. Often people who don’t believe in God turn to science to back up their claims that God does not exist. Their faith in science is extraordinary! Science, no matter how advanced it is at the moment, has only scratched the surface of all that is out there in the world and in the universe, yet people bow down and worship the god of science rather than the One who created all the laws of this universe. Science will take evidence and extrapolate where that evidence is taking them, almost certain that they will reach a particular conclusion. Often times the most likely outcome must be accepted by faith because the evidence and variables are too great to be relatively sure that they will reach the expected outcome.

Don’t get me wrong, I love science. Science has been used to help billions of people and has given us some answers to how God created the universe. The more diverse the fabric of the universe, the more it reveals the effort God made to create such an intricate place for us to live. It’s when you put the idol of science and human intellect above God that science becomes your belief system; and to have a belief system you have to have faith in that this system of belief is correct, or else why believe in it? Why waste your time on a belief system that you don’t have faith in, right?  

So the question is: “Can you reject the existence of God and explain it as an absence of faith?” The answer is no. In order to reject the existence of God, you had to have made up your mind that there is another explanation for the existence of everything in the universe; an explanation you need to have faith in.

Throughout history, the majority of mankind has tried to live a life apart from God and every single one who has managed to do so, without exception, has met with a most horrible experience at the moment of his or her death... being ushered into eternal suffering with the promise of eventually being thrown into the lake of fire.

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Repent and be forgiven! Believe and be saved!


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