Friday, November 11, 2011

Dark Light - A Poem

Dark light fills the void of my existence, permeating every corner of my being, bringing a sense of normalcy to a life filled with fierce bonds and woven memories. My soul aches, understanding that this dark light pledges no more than what can be seen.

A shimmer in the dark light dances in the void, calling me forward into its alluring presence. It penetrates my being, dispelling doubts and fears and self-loathing. Turning, finding none who have been influenced by the light there is hesitation, but the light calls to me, sings to me and seems to reach for me.

Approaching this brilliance, I feel no pain as I gaze into its mysterious radiance. Echoes of the pain of past hurts, and of friends lost, no longer reverberate within my soul. The light, within my grasp, is alive and full of life.

My hands extend, my mind opens to the possibilities, my heart once blemished with the stain of sin can now be cleansed. A touch is all I require to set me free. It is here that Jesus has met me, in my dark light, in the void, in my journey to nowhere. It is here that I am set free and set on the path of eternity in the paradise of His love.

(c) 2010 Ken Souza

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Repent and be forgiven! Believe and be saved!

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