Friday, November 11, 2011

Why Doesn't God Prove He Exists?

When you ask, "Why doesn't God prove He exists?" what you're really asking is why doesn't God prove His existence again — and this time, to you personally. After all, Adam and Eve couldn't deny His existence when He was walking through the Garden of Eden and speaking with them.  Moses and those led out of Egypt couldn't deny God's existence when He appeared as a pillar of fire by night to protect them and a pillar of smoke by day to lead them.  Nor could they deny His existence when He provided manna from heaven to feed them or caused the Red Sea to part so that they could escape Pharaoh's anger.

Let me ask you this question... what if God did reveal Himself to you?  What if God revealed Himself to you in a way that you could no longer deny His existence? What if He revealed Himself to you in a blinding ray of light with angels singing... would you believe? Be honest.  Would you believe or would you try to find some rational explanation for what you just experienced?  If it's the latter, then there is no reason for God to reveal Himself to you, since you will refuse to believe anyway. It would be a waste of time.  

What if it's the former?  He's revealed Himself to you in a way you cannot deny. What's next?  Well, you'd want to share what you just experienced, right?  Exactly how would you do that?  Well, in this day and age you'd probably take to social media and write about it.  Maybe you would text or even call your friends on your cell phone and tell them what just happened to you.  You'd probably talk to your family face to face and describe everything in great detail.  

I'm sure a lot of your friends and family are like-minded.  They don't believe in the existence of God and if you tried to describe why you now believe God does exits, how do you think they would react?  They'd either think you went off the deep end or they'd want empirical proof.  What would you offer them in way of proof?  What could you show them?  You would have nothing but your word.

Where would that leave you?  In the same place every other Christian finds themselves... in a personal relationship with the living God and the challenge of sharing who He is with people who choose not to believe in His existence.

Every true born again believer in Christ has had a common experience; that moment when we reached out in faith to a God we could no longer deny existed.  At that moment, our spirit, which was once dead, was born again.  In that instant, we were born into a new life and became part of a kingdom that will never end.
We can't prove it, or even adequately explain the change that miraculously happens at that moment, but we know that the experience is true.  Others may mock us and say all manner of evil against us, but we remain steadfast in our belief because we KNOW that what we've experienced is real.  The change in our lives is the most valuable evidence we have.  As God moves in our lives through His Holy Spirit, things begin to change.  What was once normal to us now begin to drop away only to be replaced by something new... something better.  That may convince some, but most will not be convince and brush it aside as you being "religious."

So you see, when you ask Christians why God doesn't prove He exists, you're asking Christians to show you something that you are not able to see until you have been born again of the Holy Spirit.  You've heard the old expression about walking a mile in someone's shoes, well sometimes you have to go through what others have gone through to truly see where they're coming from.  The same is true about Christianity.  In order to see what we see, you have to go through the same experience.  It can't be measured or created by any means of scientific measurement or test known to man.  It can only be experienced through active participation.  If you aren't willing to participate, you'll never know what we know or see what we see.

As a whole, Christians are saddened for those who may never allow God to touch their heart, knowing that the only alternative to eternity in heaven is an eternity in hell.  So we persist; we persevere; we make ourselves available to plant and water the seeds of faith and then pray that there will be a reaping of the harvest of faith.

May all praise and glory be to the living God!!!


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Repent and be forgiven! Believe and be saved!

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